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Writing Data Migrations in Django

Video 94 · Length: 7:24 pro video

When you migrate models sometimes you need to modify the data, but that can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately Django has built-in support for migrations now, which also means data migrations. Using data migrations you can modify the data anyway you need to to fit your new models.

Getting Started with VirtualEnv and VirtualenvWrapper

Video 1 · Length: 6:19 pro video revised

Learn to separate out different python dependencies for your different python projects in an easy way. Learn how virtualeenv wrapper helps you make life easier when working with your virtual envs.

Wrapping Up CycleMento

Video 93 · Length: 5:19

in this video we wrap up the Building a Product series by doing an overview of topics we discussed in the previous 11 videos.

Creating a Jinja Filter with Django 1.8+

Video 92 · Length: 3:05 pro video

Learn how to create a simple jinja filter that can be used with your project.