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Add Search to Admin and Customize It

Video 103 · Length: 3:42 pro video

Learn what it takes to add search to your admin pages, and to see where to start with custom search. In this video you will learn the basics of searching in admin to give you a head start if you want to go beyond basic ORM searching.

Filter Your List of Objects in the Admin

Video 102 · Length: 7:21

Getting the data you need in the admin quickly is important. Learn how to filter not only based on fields, but add your own custom filter as well.

More Data in List View of Objects

Video 101 · Length: 7:12 pro video

With tens of thousands of records in the admin, getting what you need can be hard. Learn what it takes to work with the page that lists of all those objects, and how you can filter some of them down.

Organize Your Data Better in Admin Detail Page

Video 100 · Length: 10:16 pro video

Viewing the details of your data in the admin is important. Learn how to organize it better so you can more easily navigate the data on the page.