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Upload Files to django-rest-framework via AJAX

Video 97 · Length: 7:51 pro video

Two things people want to do a lot is upload files with AJAX and upload files to django-rest-framework. Learn how to do both at the same time in this video. We step you through the basic project, and then show you the ajax code you need to upload a file.

Django and Python 3 How to Setup pyenv for Multiple Pythons

Video 96 · Length: 11:23

We need to be doing Django development in Python 3. Unfortunately, we have a lot of projects still in Python 2.7 so switching between the 2 versions can be frustrating. Fortunately pyenv takes the guess work out of switching, and makes it super simple.


Video 95 · Length: 5:07 pro video

Learn how to manage where and how to get files your users upload. Setting up MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT can be confusing until you understand it. In this video we take the mystery out of setting it up.

Writing Data Migrations in Django

Video 94 · Length: 7:24 pro video

When you migrate models sometimes you need to modify the data, but that can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately Django has built-in support for migrations now, which also means data migrations. Using data migrations you can modify the data anyway you need to to fit your new models.