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python-social-auth 101

Video 13 · Length: 5:29 pro video revised

Accessing social networks via API is a pain because you have to start with logging into them. Fortuantely, python-social-auth makes this easier, really easy. Learn how to setup python-social-auth so you can log into social sites. Also explore the numerous social logins that are available. python-social-auth has more than any other library.

Convert CharField to ImageFIeld

Video 121 · Length: 5:21 pro video

Sometimes you want to convert one type of model field to another one. In the case of going from a CharField to an ImageField it is fairly simple. In this video we will go through what you need to know to accomplish this.

Serve Static Files with Whitenoise

Video 120 · Length: 4:35 pro video

Serving static files in django can be confusing when you aren't sure what is going on. Whitenoise can help to simplify it a bit. Checkout how to use whitenoise with django to simplify using static files locally and in production.

Create Cache Bustable Static Files

Video 119 · Length: 6:53

Dealing with static files like css and javascript and the cache can be annoying, and hard. Fortunately Django provides a way to solve this fairly easily. Learn how to add a hash in your static file names so caching can be easier.

Deploy Django Project to Heroku

Video 4 · Length: 9:22 pro video revised

Deploying your django project to heroku can be easy, if you know how to do it. Learn what it takes to deploy your project to heroku and host it.

CSV Files - Download Data

Video 118 · Length: 4:32 pro video

Creating CSV files with django to download, can be a pain. In this video learn how easy it really is to create a csv file for your users to download.

CSV Files - Upload and Save Data

Video 117 · Length: 6:09 pro video

Uploading and processing CSV files with django can be annoying to figure out, even more so since it is simple once you know. In this video learn how to accept uploaded CSV files, then process that data and save it to the database. Finally, look at how to start restricting file type uploads.

CSV Files - Read and Create

Video 116 · Length: 5:02

CSV files seem to be what some companies live by. Because of that we need to know how to work with them. In this video learn the basics of using csv reader, writer, DictReader, and DictWriter