Better Models Through Custom Managers and QuerySets

Learn what it takes to get common queries chain-able, and slimmer. This video goes over custom model managers and custom querysets so you can write better code, cleaner, code by harnessing the power of Django and OOP.


from django.db import models

class ProductQueryset(models.query.QuerySet):
    def active(self):
        return self.filter(active=True)

    def featured(self):
        return self.filter(featured=True)

class ProductManager(models.Manager):
    def get_queryset(self):
        return ProductQueryset(self.model, using=self._db)

    def active(self):
        return self.get_queryset().active()

    def featured(self):
        return self.get_queryset().featured()

class Product(models.Model):
    active = models.BooleanField(default=True)
    featured = models.BooleanField(default=False)

    objects = ProductManager()
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