GoDjango Blog and Release Schedule Modification

The addition of this blog should help people learn more about Django, more often. For a while now there hs been set of things I have wanted to be on GoDjango, but didn't necessarily think they were enough for a full video, or too specific.

Goals of the Blog

The ultimate goal is to make GoDjango one of the top three places on the internet to come to in order to learn django. To accomplish that here are some of the goals I see for the blog.

  1. I hope to provide tutorials about django in a new way
  2. Provide more transparency about what is going on with the site instead of a one way stream of communication
  3. Provide another avenue of learning django so there are many more topics.

About the Blog Engine Itself

This is a custom built blog engine I am creating for this site. However, I am creating it in an open way, but making it an installable app. I have named it dj-blog. The idea behind the installable app is to provide a basic blogging engine which is a bolt on, instead of something that almost takes over the entire code base.

I plan to keep developing it with the goal o keeping it slim. There are a lot of blog feature that are no longer needed, which others have, that bloat the code, so this is my attempt to keep the blogging platform small, portable, and easy to use.

Release Schedule Change

With the news of the blog, and more transparency, comes the first foray in to transparency, by letting people know I am tweaking the release schedule a bit. Recently I have felt the quality of the videos created have suffered because I am so pressed for time. I want to remedy that, but allowing a bit of a breather between some videos so I can concentrate on a group of upcoming videos as a whole and up the quality.

New release schedule

Right now the goal is to release a new video every week. Every other one is a Pro video. So the alternate: Free, Pro, Free, Pro etc... I don't plan to change that at all. However, I will be adding a one week gap between every three. So Free, Pro, Free, break, Pro, Free, Pro, break. That is the only change. I feel this will allow me to up the quality of videos which in turn makes it easier, and better, to learn from.

Closing thoughts

There is a lot of cool things coming for GoDjango, I truly hope you stick around and become a part of it and/or continue to be one. Please feel free to leave comments with suggestions and thoughts.

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