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Save Data Over API with Axios and React.js

Video 141 · Length: 5:52 pro video

In our final video we end with saving data to the database over our API. This gives us a working react app with django and django-rest-framework to be able to retrieve and add todo items. With the end of this series you will have the knowledge to do all the basic react things to write almost any application.

Request Data From the Server With Thunk and Axios - React.js

Video 140 · Length: 6:33 pro video

We have an api and a react app, but how do we get data from the API into our react app? In this video we go over using thunk and a promises based javascript request library to get data from our API and populate our react app.

Setup Basic Django Rest Framework API for React.js

Video 139 · Length: 3:18 pro video

We have our django project our react project, now we are starting our API so the two can interact with each other and we can work with data.

Move React.js Project to be In Django Project

Video 138 · Length: 6:04 pro video

If you start out with a JavaScript only project how can you move it into a django project? In this video learn a project setup that keeps with idiomatic django and lets you easily organize and keep your JavaScript intact.

Convert AddTodo Form to Redux part 3 - React.js

Video 137 · Length: 5:05 pro video

To reinforce the ideas we have learned lets see just how easy it is to move state of a component from being inside the component to being used by redux. We will move the AddTodo component we created away from using state to use redux to give us more flexibility, and the ability to more easily integrate with an API.

Convert Main Todos to Redux part 2 - React.js

Video 136 · Length: 11:44 pro video

We have our action creators created and along with state they are mapped to our props. In this video we create, and learn what they are, a reducer and tweak our components to start using redux. By then end our app will functionaly be working with redux.

Start Converting to Use Redux part 1 - React.js

Video 135 · Length: 8:05 pro video

We have our basic todo application, but it uses state inside of components. That isn't cool. So in this video we stat the semi-easy process of converting over to using Redux with our react app to manage state.

Adding State to Our Todo App - React.js

Video 134 · Length: 9:20 pro video

Since we have our react components built in the last video we can move on to state. In this video we go over adding basic state to our app for managing our todos so we can add a todo and remove them all.

Adding Components to Our Todo App - React.js

Video 133 · Length: 7:53 pro video

Moving beyond the setup phase of react we are ready to start writing our application. Learn what it takes to get custom react components written and displayed in your react app as well as the basics of passing functions to other react components.

Hello World - React.js

Video 132 · Length: 8:38 pro video

Sometimes all you need to learn something new is to see the basics, done in order. See how to use react, react-dom, and react router in its most basic form to get a react app running. This gets us our starting point so we can move on in building our react application that we will wire up with django.