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Stripe and Starting dj-stripe

Video 59 · Length: 6:44

Stripe is great, but using a library makes it even better. Dj-stripe is a great django library for working with stripe to get people to subscribe to your service. See how simple it is to start working with dj-stripe.

SaltStack and Pillar Basics

Video 58 · Length: 9:53 pro video

With salt you can separate your sensitive data from your server configurations easily. This video shows you how to start doing that, while finishing up our PostgreSQL salt state.

Starting with Stripe.js

Video 57 · Length: 11:04

We all want to make money, so learn what it takes to start accepting money on your site with stripe. Learn the basics of have a user subscribe to your site in this first part of a multi-part stripe series.

SaltStack Basics

Video 56 · Length: 14:32 pro video

Start learning SaltStack today. It is a great server configuration management system tool that really shines once you understand it. This video walks you through connecting to servers, and installing postgresql.

Webhooks, Django, and ngrok

Video 55 · Length: 6:06

Working with webhooks can be a pain. In this video learn more of what they are and how to easily work with them in your local environment using ngrok.

Viewing Django Forms in Templates

Video 54 · Length: 7:15 pro video

Sometimes displaying forms with your templates can be hard, especially when there are so many ways. In this video we will walk you through the different ways to output your forms in html so you can better assess what use is right for you and when.

Django 1.7 Migrations - An Introduction

Video 53 · Length: 5:37

See what it takes to use the new migrations system that has been integrated into Django 1.7. This video walks you through how to create migrations, and run them. Along with a few other key points you might want to know.

Real World Django Testing - Part 3

Video 52 · Length: 7:29 pro video

There are a lot of different things to test in Django especially when it comes to views. In this video learn how to go about testing function based views. They are fairly simple once you get started, so learn how simple.

Better Models Through Custom Managers and QuerySets

Video 51 · Length: 6:42

Learn what it takes to get common queries chain-able, and slimmer. This video goes over custom model managers and custom querysets so you can write better code, cleaner, code by harnessing the power of Django and OOP.

Real World Django Testing - Part 2

Video 50 · Length: 9:16 pro video

Stepping it up a notch we go over two testing concepts, and how to test a view mixin without having to integrate that test with another view. This video helps take us a step further to writing tighter unit tests, and writing less brittle tests.