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Using Templates for Sending Emails

Video 19 · Length: 8:57

Sending nice pretty emails en-mass, or at regular intervals requires work so they look good. Fortunately Django's templates offers a great way to email uniform looking emails to your users. This video shows you how to do it, and keep it simple.

Basic Ajax

Video 18 · Length: 11:08

Ajax is essential these days, and fortunately Django provides some good mechanism for doing AJAX well. This video goes over some of the basics you need to do and know when doing AJAX in Django.

Class Based Views Part 3: DetailView and template_name Shortcut

Video 17 · Length: 6:08

The DetailView is an important class based view since it allows us to show off details of our data instead of just bits here and there. It is also very simple to use and will save you time. In this video you are also going to see a nice little shortcut with your templates to save you from writing a couple of extra lines.

Class Based Views Part 2: ListView and FormView

Video 16 · Length: 11:04

The ListView and FormView class based generic views are the first look we have at generic views with some power behind them which can really save us some code. The ListView is great for showing content and paginating said content with very little effort. While the FormView is great for dealing with class based forms without having to deal, to much, with the underlying request itself.

Class Based Views Part 1: TemplateView and RedirectView

Video 15 · Length: 14:27

This is the first episode in a series of videos on Class Based generic Views. These are important to learn since the function based generic views are being deprecated, and Class Based generic Views will help to streamline things moving forward when dealing with views. This video goes over the most basic views, TemplateView and RedirectView. The video uses simple scenarios, but usable, to get you started.

Using django.contrib.markup

Video 14 · Length: 6:11

Having your users input data and outputting it in ways other than straight plain text can be complicated. However, using different markup languages like markdown can make things easier for you the developer and your users. This video goes over how to use markdown, textile and restructured text built right into Django.

django-social-auth 101

Video 13 · Length: 10:00

Django-social-auth is probably the best, at the very least one of the best, Django applications for handling 3rd party authentication systems. It can handle everything from github, twitter, facebook to open-id and browser-id. It is very flexible and easy to setup. This video will show you how to setup it up to work with github and get you started using django-social-auth.


Video 12 · Length: 7:41

When you have a lot of data to sift through pagination is one of the best ways we have to visually breakup data so it is not as daunting. In this video we will use the Paginator built right into Django. It is much simpler than it sounds like it might be.

Browser ID

Video 11 · Length: 7:11

Browser ID is Mozillas new federated authentication system. This screencast walks you through using the django-browserid package to do your authentication, and attach it to the built in Django auth system

Forms Part 5: Basic Form Validation

Video 10 · Length: 6:52

Forms are a big subject in Django. We have run through a lot when it comes to forms. We are concluding our series with Form Validation. This simple video will finalize everything we have done so far by allowing us to give feedback to our users when our form validation goes wrong.