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reverse, lazy and resolve - Django url-resolvers

Video 108 · Length: 8:49

Working with urls is a core part of web development. The url-resolver utilities django provides makes working with them just that much easier. Look at using `reverse`, `reverse_lazy`, and `resolve` utility functions to write better idiomatic django.

Installing Wagtail

Video 107 · Length: 10:34

Wagtail has become a very popular CMS in the last year. Start with this video to see how to get it up and running for your project, and get content on the homepage.


Video 106 · Length: 3:18 pro video

Avatars are a common need on websites, but they are tedious to write yourself. Checkout django-avatar to more easily add them to your site, and be on your way to the rest of your project.

Understanding *args and **kwargs

Video 105 · Length: 11:35

args and kwargs are hard. They are confusing, and tricky when you are learning python. Even experienced developers can be tripped up by them. Learn how to expand and collapse lists and dictionaries for args and kwargs.

Python Dictionary Basics

Video 104 · Length: 5:16 pro video

To be effective you need to know how to use data structures. In this video you will learn the many different ways to get data in and out of a python dictionary.

Add Search to Admin and Customize It

Video 103 · Length: 3:42 pro video

Learn what it takes to add search to your admin pages, and to see where to start with custom search. In this video you will learn the basics of searching in admin to give you a head start if you want to go beyond basic ORM searching.

Filter Your List of Objects in the Admin

Video 102 · Length: 7:21

Getting the data you need in the admin quickly is important. Learn how to filter not only based on fields, but add your own custom filter as well.

More Data in List View of Objects

Video 101 · Length: 7:12 pro video

With tens of thousands of records in the admin, getting what you need can be hard. Learn what it takes to work with the page that lists of all those objects, and how you can filter some of them down.

Organize Your Data Better in Admin Detail Page

Video 100 · Length: 10:16 pro video

Viewing the details of your data in the admin is important. Learn how to organize it better so you can more easily navigate the data on the page.

Getting Started with Django Admin

Video 99 · Length: 6:30

The admin is a very useful tool for developers to use when working with django. It is super easy to setup, and get your models registered with it so you can start CRUDing data.