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Namespaced Urls

Video 79 · Length: 4:42 pro video

This is the feature everyone should use, but few people do. Namespaced urls help not only keep code organized and clean, but also helps prevent naming conflicts with your apps, plus 3rd party apps as well. Learn how to use them and create them in this video.

Custom Django Admin Actions

Video 78 · Length: 5:02

Doing bulk data actions in the admin is easy, if you know how to do it. In this video you will learn how to create your own custom admin actions so you can update a lot of data objects all at the same time.

Use gulp.js to Manage Static Assets

Video 77 · Length: 10:37 pro video

Learn to use gulp.js with your django project. Since gulp.js and many other build frameworks are becoming popular more and more people are turning to them to build their static assets. Gulp.js provides a great way to get started in learning how to do advanced build processes with minimal effort. This video starts you on the basics to help you get started.

Install Node Inside Your Virtualenv

Video 76 · Length: 4:08 pro video

Node.js is making its way into almost every ecosystem for doing web development. See what it takes to install node.js along side django so you can start to benefit from packages node has available to it with django.

Project Templates with Cookiecutter

Video 75 · Length: 7:55

When we start new projects we want to solve a problem, not write boilerplate. Cookiecutter helps you to stop writing boilerplate. In this video you will learn what cookiecutter is, and how to create templates so you can save yourself time and effort starting new projects.

Form Field Validation with Clean Methods

Video 74 · Length: 5:34 pro video

Form validation can be hard, but django makes it easy. Learn how to do form validation not only at the field level, but for the entire form as a whole as well. Taking these few minutes to learn how to do form validation can make you a better django developer.

Building a TemplateView

Video 73 · Length: 9:30 pro video

Boilerplate is something to avoid, so why not go with simple code that helps you remove it. Often with showing templates using Function Based Views we use a lot of boiler plate. Since we understand the base View for Class Based Views follow along as we build a TemplateView. By the end of this video you will learn what the django core TemplateView looks like, and know how to use it effectively by understanding how it works.

Using Arrow for Better Datetime

Video 72 · Length: 7:17

Learn how to be better at dealing with dates and times in python in a few short minutes. Working with dates and times in python is a lot easier than other languages, but can be convoluted and confusing. Arrow provides a convenient api for working with and manipulating dates and times. See what it takes to get started.

List Comprehensions

Video 71 · Length: 4:34 pro video

Learn about python's list comprehensions. They can help you work with data more easily, and make your code more readable.

Custom Jinja Functions

Video 70 · Length: 3:19 pro video

Working with templates can be hard when you need that little extra logic that doesn't exist. With the ability to add custom functions to jinja templates it is easier than ever to add that custom logic. Learn how simple it is to add new functions to jinja.