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The Class Based "View"

Video 69 · Length: 17:58

People often find working with class based views hard, but they are simple... Once you spend time figuring them out. In this video start with the base of building blocks and work your way through completly understanding the base View of (generic) class based views.

Query with values and values_list

Video 68 · Length: 4:12 pro video

Sometimes querying the database for all the data is a bad thing. Learn how to use values, and values_list to slim up your database querys to make them more efficient, as well as get back just the data you need.

Understanding get_absolute_url

Video 67 · Length: 4:19

URL's can be a pain at times, but with get_absolute_url on your model it can make dealing with them on a per-object basis much simpler and cleaner across your entire site. Not to mention Django itself loves to use get_absolute_url, so it will make other tasks a lot easier.

Setup Your Django Project in Vagrant with Salt

Video 66 · Length: 8:24 pro video

Getting started with vagrant can be hard. It doesn't have to be. Follow along with this video, and see what it takes to get your django project and dependencies up and running with vagrant and salt.

Starting with django-allauth

Video 65 · Length: 6:23

There are a lot of ways to do authentication in django. You can do social authentication and/or django.contrib.auth authentication. Generally they are separate, but with django-allauth you can combine them both into one package. It even gives you a great jumping off place with plenty of other features. In this video learn how to start using django-allauth.

Converting Function Based Views to Generic Class Based Views

Video 64 · Length: 12:49 pro video

Class based views are often looked at negatively. Partly because people are unsure how they fit with function based views. In this video learn to convert some function based views to generic class based views so slim up your code, and see what it takes to use CBV's.

Deferred Tasks and Scheduled Jobs with Celery 3.1, Django 1.7 and Redis

Video 63 · Length: 10:49

Setting up celery with Django can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. In this video learn what it takes to setup Celery for deferred tasks, and as your cron replacement. We will use Celery 3.1 and Django 1.7 both introduce changes you need to be aware of.

Deploy Code with SaltStack

Video 62 · Length: 11:02 pro video

SaltStack is very powerful for working with your servers. In this video take that next step, and learn how to deploy your site using SaltStack. Keeping your site and servers all in sync.

Stripe, Webhooks and dj-stripe

Video 61 · Length: 8:54

Stripe is great for working with payments. Webhooks and dj-stripe make it even better, in this video learn how to use stripe webhooks with your application to get the most out of your stripe integration.

More on Pillar with SaltStack

Video 60 · Length: 9:21 pro video

Pillars can be hard to mess with and get a grasp on how powerful they can be. This video will lead you down a path of writing fairly dynamic salt states so you can put more information in pillars keeping your salt states idempotent.