41 3rd Party Apps videos

Setup django-rest-framework Token Authentication

Video 98 · Length: 4:03 pro video

Token Authentication is one of several ways to get authenticated data. Learn how easy it is to setup in django-rest-framework.

Upload Files to django-rest-framework via AJAX

Video 97 · Length: 7:51 pro video

Two things people want to do a lot is upload files with AJAX and upload files to django-rest-framework. Learn how to do both at the same time in this video. We step you through the basic project, and then show you the ajax code you need to upload a file.

Creating a Jinja Filter with Django 1.8+

Video 92 · Length: 3:05 pro video

Learn how to create a simple jinja filter that can be used with your project.

Setting up Jinja in Django 1.8

Video 89 · Length: 4:14 pro video

Now with the ability to configure usage of Jinja built into Django 1.8 we will upgrade our application to useing Django 1.8, and use the new template configuration mechanism to run Jinja templates. It is a simple process as you will see from this video.

Saving Data from Strava

Video 87 · Length: 12:15

Getting data can be easy. Effectively saving it from one source to your database can be a pain. In this video we explore a way to get data from Strava and save it to our database with as little future trouble as possible.

Social Connections with python-social-auth

Video 83 · Length: 7:07 pro video

Authenticating with other sites over OAuth can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. As we continue with our series learn how to use python-social-auth to connect to Strava. Knowing this can show you how to connect to any of the other 50+ providers.

Project Templates with Cookiecutter

Video 75 · Length: 7:55

When we start new projects we want to solve a problem, not write boilerplate. Cookiecutter helps you to stop writing boilerplate. In this video you will learn what cookiecutter is, and how to create templates so you can save yourself time and effort starting new projects.

Using Arrow for Better Datetime

Video 72 · Length: 7:17

Learn how to be better at dealing with dates and times in python in a few short minutes. Working with dates and times in python is a lot easier than other languages, but can be convoluted and confusing. Arrow provides a convenient api for working with and manipulating dates and times. See what it takes to get started.

Deferred Tasks and Scheduled Jobs with Celery 3.1, Django 1.7 and Redis

Video 63 · Length: 10:49

Setting up celery with Django can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. In this video learn what it takes to setup Celery for deferred tasks, and as your cron replacement. We will use Celery 3.1 and Django 1.7 both introduce changes you need to be aware of.

Stripe, Webhooks and dj-stripe

Video 61 · Length: 8:54

Stripe is great for working with payments. Webhooks and dj-stripe make it even better, in this video learn how to use stripe webhooks with your application to get the most out of your stripe integration.