41 3rd Party Apps videos

Stripe and Starting dj-stripe

Video 59 · Length: 6:44

Stripe is great, but using a library makes it even better. Dj-stripe is a great django library for working with stripe to get people to subscribe to your service. See how simple it is to start working with dj-stripe.

Compile and Compress Assets with django-pipeline

Video 49 · Length: 8:05

Using things like CoffeeScript, Stylus, Less, SASS/SCSS, etc... Is becoming a more and more core part of development, but the problem usually is compiling these assets for use on our site. With django-pipeline this process is now much easier in both development and production. Learn the few easy steps it takes to get started with it.

django-storages and AmazonS3

Video 47 · Length: 6:22

Saving files in the cloud, be it Amazon S3, Azure, or Rackspace, is very common now and almost a requirement. django-storages makes this seemless. This video shows you just how easy it is to get started.

ViewSets and Routers - django-rest-framework part 3

Video 45 · Length: 5:55

ViewSets and Routers are very useful for slimming up your code and providing a lot of default functionality out of the box. They are powerful features in django-rest-framework allowing a lot of flexibility in your code while keeping things clean.

Test Fixtures with model_mommy

Video 44 · Length: 8:57 pro video

Test data is a pain to generate, and even more of a pain using django's fixutres. model_mommy comes to the rescue to help make generating data very simple, and almost fun.

Permissions & Authentication - django-rest-framework part 2

Video 43 · Length: 8:14

Learn how to use basic authentication with your new API, and setup custom permissions to get fine grained precision of what can be done with data.

Start Your API - django-rest-framework part 1

Video 41 · Length: 11:47

In this video we start creating our API by learning what it takes to put data in our database, and retrieve it back doing all of our CRUD operations. django-rest-framework makes it very simple to accomplish with a minimal amount of effort.

Deployments with Fabric

Video 40 · Length: 8:46 pro video

Quick, consistent and easy deployments are a great way to develop faster and provide value for customers. Learn how to deploy to your VPS in this video using fabric, and what the next step after that can be.

Be More Productive with django_extensions

Video 39 · Length: 6:16

Django provides a lot of really useful things by default, but there are a few things we do over and over again. Learn how django extensions help solve some of these, and enhances your ability to do others with this intro to django-extensions. We will show a few of the many many useful things it can do.

Transform Images with django-imagekit

Video 37 · Length: 6:24

In this video we will walk through a couple of easy ways to transform images as you need them. django-imagekit makes this fairly simple and straight forward. This video provides an introduction to using it.