41 3rd Party Apps videos

Tagging with django-taggit

Video 33 · Length: 5:05

In this video you will learn an easy way to add tags to your models, and on your site. Tags can be hard if you try to implement them yourself, so don't try and just use this library from the start.


Video 31 · Length: 5:20

Learn how to use this popular feature flipper for helping you to develop and test new features live instead of only in development.


Video 29 · Length: 7:44

Learn how to get started using the popular crispy forms django application to streamline rendering your templates by doing your layout in python.

Activity Feed with Event Log

Video 27 · Length: 6:22

Adding an activity feed is simple with the eventlog application. I show you how to get started with it by easily adding it to your project, and how use and administer it.

Travis-CI and Coveralls

Video 25 · Length: 6:28

Continuous Integration and Code Coverage used to be hard. Now with Travis-CI and Coveralls life just got a lot easier, especially for open source projects. In this video we will go over setting up travis and coveralls for django applications.

Robots and Sitemaps

Video 23 · Length: 6:03

Dealing with google site indexing from google and other search engines can be a pain, but fortunately django makes it easy with django.contrib.sitemaps and the django-robots app. In this video learn to create sitemap.xml and robots.txt quickly and easily.

Starting Jinja2

Video 21 · Length: 6:17

Jinja2 is a great templating language based on Django's templating engine. It has some great features, and is more performant. This video shows you how to get started with it in your projects today.

python-social-auth 101

Video 13 · Length: 5:29 pro video revised

Accessing social networks via API is a pain because you have to start with logging into them. Fortuantely, python-social-auth makes this easier, really easy. Learn how to setup python-social-auth so you can log into social sites. Also explore the numerous social logins that are available. python-social-auth has more than any other library.

django-social-auth 101

Video 13 · Length: 10:00

Django-social-auth is probably the best, at the very least one of the best, Django applications for handling 3rd party authentication systems. It can handle everything from github, twitter, facebook to open-id and browser-id. It is very flexible and easy to setup. This video will show you how to setup it up to work with github and get you started using django-social-auth.

Browser ID

Video 11 · Length: 7:11

Browser ID is Mozillas new federated authentication system. This screencast walks you through using the django-browserid package to do your authentication, and attach it to the built in Django auth system