5 Advanced videos

Convert CharField to ImageFIeld

Video 121 · Length: 5:21 pro video

Sometimes you want to convert one type of model field to another one. In the case of going from a CharField to an ImageField it is fairly simple. In this video we will go through what you need to know to accomplish this.

Creating Abstract Django Models

Video 86 · Length: 5:23 pro video

Don't Repeat Yourself is a common adage we use in the development world. However, sometimes it is know when and how to do that with models. Learn how to split out a couple of common fields in our models to its own base abstract model.

Custom Jinja Functions

Video 70 · Length: 3:19 pro video

Working with templates can be hard when you need that little extra logic that doesn't exist. With the ability to add custom functions to jinja templates it is easier than ever to add that custom logic. Learn how simple it is to add new functions to jinja.

Better Models Through Custom Managers and QuerySets

Video 51 · Length: 6:42

Learn what it takes to get common queries chain-able, and slimmer. This video goes over custom model managers and custom querysets so you can write better code, cleaner, code by harnessing the power of Django and OOP.

Understanding Signals

Video 22 · Length: 10:00 pro video

Django's Signals are complicated when you first approach them. However, once you understand the basics of how they work, they are a powerful tool to put in your toolbelt. In this video you will learn about signals by creating your own basic signal class, and quickly using it. Then follow that up with creating a Signal in a django project and using it.