4 Assets videos

Use gulp.js to Manage Static Assets

Video 77 · Length: 10:37 pro video

Learn to use gulp.js with your django project. Since gulp.js and many other build frameworks are becoming popular more and more people are turning to them to build their static assets. Gulp.js provides a great way to get started in learning how to do advanced build processes with minimal effort. This video starts you on the basics to help you get started.

Compile and Compress Assets with django-pipeline

Video 49 · Length: 8:05

Using things like CoffeeScript, Stylus, Less, SASS/SCSS, etc... Is becoming a more and more core part of development, but the problem usually is compiling these assets for use on our site. With django-pipeline this process is now much easier in both development and production. Learn the few easy steps it takes to get started with it.

Static Files, Template Filters, and Commands

Video 34 · Length: 7:46 pro video

Static files, custom template filters, and management commands are a core part of django. In this video we walk you through each so you have a better understanding of them, and how they work.

Adding CoffeeScript

Video 2 · Length: 11:51

With CoffeeScript becoming more and more popular it is time to start using it. This video is about how to get CoffeeScript added to your project so you can start developing with it.