37 Basics videos

User Creation/Registration and Requiring an Email

Video 145 · Length: 7:54 pro video

We can now login, logout and work with our password be it a reset or a changing it. The biggest hole in all of this is actually having an account in the first place. In this video we want to create a new user, and since we are building in alerts we need an email address to send alerts to. So we are going to require the email address.

Django 1.11+ django.contrib.auth Class Based Views - Part 2 - Password Change and Reset

Video 144 · Length: 8:07

Since we can log in and logout what about managing our password? Learn the power of using the builtin Generic Class Based Views now in django.contrib.auth. They are simple to use once you know about them.

Django 1.11+ django.contrib.auth Class Based Views - Part 1 - Login & Logout

Video 143 · Length: 8:22

This is the first in a long series on creating a CryptoCurrency management site, but first we need to lock things down so people can't see all of our stuff. So we will start by setting up our app and logging in and out. We will do this with the new Class Based Views in django.contrib.auth system.

Setting up a Honey Pot with django-admin-honeypot

Video 126 · Length: 4:09

Security is something we often ignore until it is too late. However, there are some things you can do right now that are easy to increase your security. Using django-admin-honeypot is one of those things you can do. It is super easy and provides you with the means of tracking who is trying to access your site.

CSV Files - Download Data

Video 118 · Length: 4:32 pro video

Creating CSV files with django to download, can be a pain. In this video learn how easy it really is to create a csv file for your users to download.

CSV Files - Upload and Save Data

Video 117 · Length: 6:09 pro video

Uploading and processing CSV files with django can be annoying to figure out, even more so since it is simple once you know. In this video learn how to accept uploaded CSV files, then process that data and save it to the database. Finally, look at how to start restricting file type uploads.

CSV Files - Read and Create

Video 116 · Length: 5:02

CSV files seem to be what some companies live by. Because of that we need to know how to work with them. In this video learn the basics of using csv reader, writer, DictReader, and DictWriter

Installing Wagtail

Video 107 · Length: 10:34

Wagtail has become a very popular CMS in the last year. Start with this video to see how to get it up and running for your project, and get content on the homepage.

Understanding *args and **kwargs

Video 105 · Length: 11:35

args and kwargs are hard. They are confusing, and tricky when you are learning python. Even experienced developers can be tripped up by them. Learn how to expand and collapse lists and dictionaries for args and kwargs.

Python Dictionary Basics

Video 104 · Length: 5:16 pro video

To be effective you need to know how to use data structures. In this video you will learn the many different ways to get data in and out of a python dictionary.