37 Basics videos


Video 95 · Length: 5:07 pro video

Learn how to manage where and how to get files your users upload. Setting up MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT can be confusing until you understand it. In this video we take the mystery out of setting it up.

Informing Users with django.contrib.messages

Video 84 · Length: 6:47

The messages framework can be bit confusing to wrap your head around at first. Learn the basics of setting successful and error messages and show them to users. See the default django way, then see how to do with django-braces.

Namespaced Urls

Video 79 · Length: 4:42 pro video

This is the feature everyone should use, but few people do. Namespaced urls help not only keep code organized and clean, but also helps prevent naming conflicts with your apps, plus 3rd party apps as well. Learn how to use them and create them in this video.

Form Field Validation with Clean Methods

Video 74 · Length: 5:34 pro video

Form validation can be hard, but django makes it easy. Learn how to do form validation not only at the field level, but for the entire form as a whole as well. Taking these few minutes to learn how to do form validation can make you a better django developer.

Using Arrow for Better Datetime

Video 72 · Length: 7:17

Learn how to be better at dealing with dates and times in python in a few short minutes. Working with dates and times in python is a lot easier than other languages, but can be convoluted and confusing. Arrow provides a convenient api for working with and manipulating dates and times. See what it takes to get started.

List Comprehensions

Video 71 · Length: 4:34 pro video

Learn about python's list comprehensions. They can help you work with data more easily, and make your code more readable.

Query with values and values_list

Video 68 · Length: 4:12 pro video

Sometimes querying the database for all the data is a bad thing. Learn how to use values, and values_list to slim up your database querys to make them more efficient, as well as get back just the data you need.

Viewing Django Forms in Templates

Video 54 · Length: 7:15 pro video

Sometimes displaying forms with your templates can be hard, especially when there are so many ways. In this video we will walk you through the different ways to output your forms in html so you can better assess what use is right for you and when.

Django 1.7 Migrations - An Introduction

Video 53 · Length: 5:37

See what it takes to use the new migrations system that has been integrated into Django 1.7. This video walks you through how to create migrations, and run them. Along with a few other key points you might want to know.

i18n and l10n Translation Basics

Video 42 · Length: 7:54 pro video

Learn how to convert your app to start localizing it for your international users. In this video you will see what it takes to translate your application from adding code to writing a translation.