17 Class Based Views videos

Account Control part 2

Video 82 · Length: 9:03 pro video

You know how to create an account, log people in and out. Now how do your users change their passwords, and recover their passwords. In this video we finalize our look at account creation and usage as we continue to create our product.

Account Control part 1

Video 81 · Length: 11:53

This is the first in a series of videos on creating a product which utilizes other services to help your users stay informed. We start the series with getting our users setup with an account, and giving them the ability to log in and out.

Delete an Object with DeleteView

Video 80 · Length: 3:19 pro video

Deleting data is often overlooked when doing tutorials, but it is something needed in the real world. In this video take a look at using the DeleteView to delete an object.

Building a TemplateView

Video 73 · Length: 9:30 pro video

Boilerplate is something to avoid, so why not go with simple code that helps you remove it. Often with showing templates using Function Based Views we use a lot of boiler plate. Since we understand the base View for Class Based Views follow along as we build a TemplateView. By the end of this video you will learn what the django core TemplateView looks like, and know how to use it effectively by understanding how it works.

The Class Based "View"

Video 69 · Length: 17:58

People often find working with class based views hard, but they are simple... Once you spend time figuring them out. In this video start with the base of building blocks and work your way through completly understanding the base View of (generic) class based views.

Webhooks, Django, and ngrok

Video 55 · Length: 6:06

Working with webhooks can be a pain. In this video learn more of what they are and how to easily work with them in your local environment using ngrok.

Test Fixtures with model_mommy

Video 44 · Length: 8:57 pro video

Test data is a pain to generate, and even more of a pain using django's fixutres. model_mommy comes to the rescue to help make generating data very simple, and almost fun.

Permissions & Authentication - django-rest-framework part 2

Video 43 · Length: 8:14

Learn how to use basic authentication with your new API, and setup custom permissions to get fine grained precision of what can be done with data.

AJAX Usage

Video 36 · Length: 6:55 pro video

AJAX can be a bit of a hurdle to get used to using at first, this video helps walk you through a couple of scenarios of using ajax with django. Both using function based views, and class based views.

Upload Files

Video 35 · Length: 5:42

Learn how to use Django to let your users upload files. This uses only what is built into Django to get you started.