17 Class Based Views videos

Tagging with django-taggit

Video 33 · Length: 5:05

In this video you will learn an easy way to add tags to your models, and on your site. Tags can be hard if you try to implement them yourself, so don't try and just use this library from the start.


Video 31 · Length: 5:20

Learn how to use this popular feature flipper for helping you to develop and test new features live instead of only in development.

Templates and Views

Video 30 · Length: 23:16 pro video

Along with models; templates and views make up part of the core of a django project. Learn how templates and views work together and what it takes to get started with them.

Activity Feed with Event Log

Video 27 · Length: 6:22

Adding an activity feed is simple with the eventlog application. I show you how to get started with it by easily adding it to your project, and how use and administer it.

Class Based Views Part 3: DetailView and template_name Shortcut

Video 17 · Length: 6:08

The DetailView is an important class based view since it allows us to show off details of our data instead of just bits here and there. It is also very simple to use and will save you time. In this video you are also going to see a nice little shortcut with your templates to save you from writing a couple of extra lines.

Class Based Views Part 2: ListView and FormView

Video 16 · Length: 11:04

The ListView and FormView class based generic views are the first look we have at generic views with some power behind them which can really save us some code. The ListView is great for showing content and paginating said content with very little effort. While the FormView is great for dealing with class based forms without having to deal, to much, with the underlying request itself.

Class Based Views Part 1: TemplateView and RedirectView

Video 15 · Length: 14:27

This is the first episode in a series of videos on Class Based generic Views. These are important to learn since the function based generic views are being deprecated, and Class Based generic Views will help to streamline things moving forward when dealing with views. This video goes over the most basic views, TemplateView and RedirectView. The video uses simple scenarios, but usable, to get you started.