67 Pro videos

Python Dictionary Basics

Video 104 · Length: 5:16 pro video

To be effective you need to know how to use data structures. In this video you will learn the many different ways to get data in and out of a python dictionary.

Add Search to Admin and Customize It

Video 103 · Length: 3:42 pro video

Learn what it takes to add search to your admin pages, and to see where to start with custom search. In this video you will learn the basics of searching in admin to give you a head start if you want to go beyond basic ORM searching.

More Data in List View of Objects

Video 101 · Length: 7:12 pro video

With tens of thousands of records in the admin, getting what you need can be hard. Learn what it takes to work with the page that lists of all those objects, and how you can filter some of them down.

Organize Your Data Better in Admin Detail Page

Video 100 · Length: 10:16 pro video

Viewing the details of your data in the admin is important. Learn how to organize it better so you can more easily navigate the data on the page.

Upload Files to django-rest-framework via AJAX

Video 97 · Length: 7:51 pro video

Two things people want to do a lot is upload files with AJAX and upload files to django-rest-framework. Learn how to do both at the same time in this video. We step you through the basic project, and then show you the ajax code you need to upload a file.


Video 95 · Length: 5:07 pro video

Learn how to manage where and how to get files your users upload. Setting up MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT can be confusing until you understand it. In this video we take the mystery out of setting it up.

Writing Data Migrations in Django

Video 94 · Length: 7:24 pro video

When you migrate models sometimes you need to modify the data, but that can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately Django has built-in support for migrations now, which also means data migrations. Using data migrations you can modify the data anyway you need to to fit your new models.

Adding Maintenance Data pt 2

Video 91 · Length: 7:44 pro video

In this video we finish off our maintenance django app to get us to the point we can associate maintenance with our bike, and know how much distance we are going for that maintenance. This gets us feature complete for our product.

Setting up Jinja in Django 1.8

Video 89 · Length: 4:14 pro video

Now with the ability to configure usage of Jinja built into Django 1.8 we will upgrade our application to useing Django 1.8, and use the new template configuration mechanism to run Jinja templates. It is a simple process as you will see from this video.

Collecting Strava Data Periodically

Video 88 · Length: 10:35 pro video

We have the ability to save data, but how do we get it? In this video we will go over creating a celery task to pull down data from strava regularly. Also things to consider when writing celery tasks to make them effective, and effecient as possible.