67 Pro videos

List Comprehensions

Video 71 · Length: 4:34 pro video

Learn about python's list comprehensions. They can help you work with data more easily, and make your code more readable.

Custom Jinja Functions

Video 70 · Length: 3:19 pro video

Working with templates can be hard when you need that little extra logic that doesn't exist. With the ability to add custom functions to jinja templates it is easier than ever to add that custom logic. Learn how simple it is to add new functions to jinja.

Query with values and values_list

Video 68 · Length: 4:12 pro video

Sometimes querying the database for all the data is a bad thing. Learn how to use values, and values_list to slim up your database querys to make them more efficient, as well as get back just the data you need.

Deploy Code with SaltStack

Video 62 · Length: 11:02 pro video

SaltStack is very powerful for working with your servers. In this video take that next step, and learn how to deploy your site using SaltStack. Keeping your site and servers all in sync.

More on Pillar with SaltStack

Video 60 · Length: 9:21 pro video

Pillars can be hard to mess with and get a grasp on how powerful they can be. This video will lead you down a path of writing fairly dynamic salt states so you can put more information in pillars keeping your salt states idempotent.

SaltStack and Pillar Basics

Video 58 · Length: 9:53 pro video

With salt you can separate your sensitive data from your server configurations easily. This video shows you how to start doing that, while finishing up our PostgreSQL salt state.

SaltStack Basics

Video 56 · Length: 14:32 pro video

Start learning SaltStack today. It is a great server configuration management system tool that really shines once you understand it. This video walks you through connecting to servers, and installing postgresql.

Viewing Django Forms in Templates

Video 54 · Length: 7:15 pro video

Sometimes displaying forms with your templates can be hard, especially when there are so many ways. In this video we will walk you through the different ways to output your forms in html so you can better assess what use is right for you and when.

Real World Django Testing - Part 3

Video 52 · Length: 7:29 pro video

There are a lot of different things to test in Django especially when it comes to views. In this video learn how to go about testing function based views. They are fairly simple once you get started, so learn how simple.

Real World Django Testing - Part 2

Video 50 · Length: 9:16 pro video

Stepping it up a notch we go over two testing concepts, and how to test a view mixin without having to integrate that test with another view. This video helps take us a step further to writing tighter unit tests, and writing less brittle tests.