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Real World Django Testing - Part 1

Video 48 · Length: 10:08 pro video

Testing in the real world is hard. This video is the start in a series on real world testing by showing common testing patters used in many django projects. These start simple and will get more complex, and along the way you will get explanations of testing concepts.

mocking with pymox

Video 46 · Length: 10:00 pro video

Mocking is a difficult thing to learn and do as a beginner. This video will show you a couple of the very basics, and get you started with how to mock out methods of an object.

Test Fixtures with model_mommy

Video 44 · Length: 8:57 pro video

Test data is a pain to generate, and even more of a pain using django's fixutres. model_mommy comes to the rescue to help make generating data very simple, and almost fun.

i18n and l10n Translation Basics

Video 42 · Length: 7:54 pro video

Learn how to convert your app to start localizing it for your international users. In this video you will see what it takes to translate your application from adding code to writing a translation.

Deployments with Fabric

Video 40 · Length: 8:46 pro video

Quick, consistent and easy deployments are a great way to develop faster and provide value for customers. Learn how to deploy to your VPS in this video using fabric, and what the next step after that can be.

Hosting Django on a VPS

Video 38 · Length: 12:00 pro video

Learn to host your django application on your own server using nginx, uwsgi, and posgresql all on an Ubuntu server. This video walks you through setting it all up and getting your site running.

AJAX Usage

Video 36 · Length: 6:55 pro video

AJAX can be a bit of a hurdle to get used to using at first, this video helps walk you through a couple of scenarios of using ajax with django. Both using function based views, and class based views.

Static Files, Template Filters, and Commands

Video 34 · Length: 7:46 pro video

Static files, custom template filters, and management commands are a core part of django. In this video we walk you through each so you have a better understanding of them, and how they work.


Video 32 · Length: 11:27 pro video

Learn the basics of using django.contrib.auth to help your users register, and login to your site. The first time you work with the auth system it can be confusing, this video helps you through that first time to successfully using it.

Templates and Views

Video 30 · Length: 23:16 pro video

Along with models; templates and views make up part of the core of a django project. Learn how templates and views work together and what it takes to get started with them.