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Django Basics: Models

Video 28 · Length: 25:23 pro video

Models are important because they allow you to add, save, update, and delete data from the database, all from in your project. In this video you will learn how to create a model, query for data, and do your basic CRUD activities.

Django Basics: Project Structure

Video 26 · Length: 22:48 pro video

Understanding Djangos a project structure can be a bit cumbersome when you start. With this video we walk you through the structure of a Django project, and the basics of how each part interacts with each other. By the end you will have an understanding of what to put where in your project, and how to get your html rendered to the browser.

Unit Testing Client and RequestFactory

Video 24 · Length: 11:01 pro video

Testing your django views isn't exactly the easiest thing to get started doing, and do well. An understanding of how to test your views can go a long way in writing better tests. In this video you will learn about the Client and RequestFactory objects and how to use them to test your views. We will go over the basics of how they work, and write a few tests to demonstrate them.

Understanding Signals

Video 22 · Length: 10:00 pro video

Django's Signals are complicated when you first approach them. However, once you understand the basics of how they work, they are a powerful tool to put in your toolbelt. In this video you will learn about signals by creating your own basic signal class, and quickly using it. Then follow that up with creating a Signal in a django project and using it.

Basic Unit Testing

Video 20 · Length: 17:01 pro video

Productive unit testing is a big topic, and an almost essential part of a development process. However, a lot of people don't know where to start, or how. In this video I take you through a bit of why you test into how. We start off with writing a test, running a test, fixing test failures, and a few of the underlying parts of what make up tests.

python-social-auth 101

Video 13 · Length: 5:29 pro video revised

Accessing social networks via API is a pain because you have to start with logging into them. Fortuantely, python-social-auth makes this easier, really easy. Learn how to setup python-social-auth so you can log into social sites. Also explore the numerous social logins that are available. python-social-auth has more than any other library.

Getting Started with VirtualEnv and VirtualenvWrapper

Video 1 · Length: 6:19 pro video revised

Learn to separate out different python dependencies for your different python projects in an easy way. Learn how virtualeenv wrapper helps you make life easier when working with your virtual envs.