16 Templates videos

Setting up Jinja in Django 1.8

Video 89 · Length: 4:14 pro video

Now with the ability to configure usage of Jinja built into Django 1.8 we will upgrade our application to useing Django 1.8, and use the new template configuration mechanism to run Jinja templates. It is a simple process as you will see from this video.

Custom Jinja Functions

Video 70 · Length: 3:19 pro video

Working with templates can be hard when you need that little extra logic that doesn't exist. With the ability to add custom functions to jinja templates it is easier than ever to add that custom logic. Learn how simple it is to add new functions to jinja.

Viewing Django Forms in Templates

Video 54 · Length: 7:15 pro video

Sometimes displaying forms with your templates can be hard, especially when there are so many ways. In this video we will walk you through the different ways to output your forms in html so you can better assess what use is right for you and when.

i18n and l10n Translation Basics

Video 42 · Length: 7:54 pro video

Learn how to convert your app to start localizing it for your international users. In this video you will see what it takes to translate your application from adding code to writing a translation.

Upload Files

Video 35 · Length: 5:42

Learn how to use Django to let your users upload files. This uses only what is built into Django to get you started.

Static Files, Template Filters, and Commands

Video 34 · Length: 7:46 pro video

Static files, custom template filters, and management commands are a core part of django. In this video we walk you through each so you have a better understanding of them, and how they work.

Templates and Views

Video 30 · Length: 23:16 pro video

Along with models; templates and views make up part of the core of a django project. Learn how templates and views work together and what it takes to get started with them.

Starting Jinja2

Video 21 · Length: 6:17

Jinja2 is a great templating language based on Django's templating engine. It has some great features, and is more performant. This video shows you how to get started with it in your projects today.

Using Templates for Sending Emails

Video 19 · Length: 8:57

Sending nice pretty emails en-mass, or at regular intervals requires work so they look good. Fortunately Django's templates offers a great way to email uniform looking emails to your users. This video shows you how to do it, and keep it simple.

Basic Ajax

Video 18 · Length: 11:08

Ajax is essential these days, and fortunately Django provides some good mechanism for doing AJAX well. This video goes over some of the basics you need to do and know when doing AJAX in Django.