16 Templates videos


Video 12 · Length: 7:41

When you have a lot of data to sift through pagination is one of the best ways we have to visually breakup data so it is not as daunting. In this video we will use the Paginator built right into Django. It is much simpler than it sounds like it might be.

Forms Part 5: Basic Form Validation

Video 10 · Length: 6:52

Forms are a big subject in Django. We have run through a lot when it comes to forms. We are concluding our series with Form Validation. This simple video will finalize everything we have done so far by allowing us to give feedback to our users when our form validation goes wrong.

Forms Part 4: Formsets

Video 9 · Length: 8:06

Formsets make life easier when it comes to dealing with multiple forms of the same type on the same page. In this episode we will show you how to set them up, and the basics of how to save that data to the database. It is not much different from dealing with single forms.

Forms Part 3: Model Based Forms

Video 8 · Length: 8:25

Model forms really helps to show the power behind Django. When all it takes is to define a model and then attach the model object to a form object and poof you have a form, I call that winning. In this video we will go over using your models you already have to create forms to save you time, heartache, and code.

Forms Part 2: Class Based Forms

Video 7 · Length: 11:37

Forms are generally annoying to deal with. Fortunately Django offers some great ways to work with forms to make your life easier. In this our second part on forms we walk you through Class Based Forms in Django on our way to understanding the breadth of what you can do with forms in Django.

Forms Part 1: Raw Forms

Video 6 · Length: 12:57

Forms are generally a pain to deal with when doing sites. This is the first video in a series to help make forms in django easier to do and understand. We start with doing raw forms and not using any of the django helpers so we can understand what the helpers are doing in the future.