7 Testing videos

Real World Django Testing - Part 3

Video 52 · Length: 7:29 pro video

There are a lot of different things to test in Django especially when it comes to views. In this video learn how to go about testing function based views. They are fairly simple once you get started, so learn how simple.

Real World Django Testing - Part 2

Video 50 · Length: 9:16 pro video

Stepping it up a notch we go over two testing concepts, and how to test a view mixin without having to integrate that test with another view. This video helps take us a step further to writing tighter unit tests, and writing less brittle tests.

Real World Django Testing - Part 1

Video 48 · Length: 10:08 pro video

Testing in the real world is hard. This video is the start in a series on real world testing by showing common testing patters used in many django projects. These start simple and will get more complex, and along the way you will get explanations of testing concepts.

mocking with pymox

Video 46 · Length: 10:00 pro video

Mocking is a difficult thing to learn and do as a beginner. This video will show you a couple of the very basics, and get you started with how to mock out methods of an object.

Travis-CI and Coveralls

Video 25 · Length: 6:28

Continuous Integration and Code Coverage used to be hard. Now with Travis-CI and Coveralls life just got a lot easier, especially for open source projects. In this video we will go over setting up travis and coveralls for django applications.

Unit Testing Client and RequestFactory

Video 24 · Length: 11:01 pro video

Testing your django views isn't exactly the easiest thing to get started doing, and do well. An understanding of how to test your views can go a long way in writing better tests. In this video you will learn about the Client and RequestFactory objects and how to use them to test your views. We will go over the basics of how they work, and write a few tests to demonstrate them.

Basic Unit Testing

Video 20 · Length: 17:01 pro video

Productive unit testing is a big topic, and an almost essential part of a development process. However, a lot of people don't know where to start, or how. In this video I take you through a bit of why you test into how. We start off with writing a test, running a test, fixing test failures, and a few of the underlying parts of what make up tests.