5 Beginning Django videos

Django Basics: Project Structure

Video 26 · Length: 22:48 pro video

Understanding Djangos a project structure can be a bit cumbersome when you start. With this video we walk you through the structure of a Django project, and the basics of how each part interacts with each other. By the end you will have an understanding of what to put where in your project, and how to get your html rendered to the browser.

Django Basics: Models

Video 28 · Length: 25:23 pro video

Models are important because they allow you to add, save, update, and delete data from the database, all from in your project. In this video you will learn how to create a model, query for data, and do your basic CRUD activities.

Templates and Views

Video 30 · Length: 23:16 pro video

Along with models; templates and views make up part of the core of a django project. Learn how templates and views work together and what it takes to get started with them.


Video 32 · Length: 11:27 pro video

Learn the basics of using django.contrib.auth to help your users register, and login to your site. The first time you work with the auth system it can be confusing, this video helps you through that first time to successfully using it.

Static Files, Template Filters, and Commands

Video 34 · Length: 7:46 pro video

Static files, custom template filters, and management commands are a core part of django. In this video we walk you through each so you have a better understanding of them, and how they work.