3 Building a CryptoCurrency Manager videos
CryptoCurrency is becoming more and more popular. It is especially fun to dabble in day trading with it if you have a little extra money. Join this series to learn how to build an app that deals with a large amount of normalized data as we pull in data from different sites and save it for later use. We will follow that up with alerting you about price movements that you configure, as well as telling you about your previous transactions and wallet balances. There is a lot to learn and a lot of fun ways to do it.

Django 1.11+ django.contrib.auth Class Based Views - Part 1 - Login & Logout

Video 143 · Length: 8:22

This is the first in a long series on creating a CryptoCurrency management site, but first we need to lock things down so people can't see all of our stuff. So we will start by setting up our app and logging in and out. We will do this with the new Class Based Views in django.contrib.auth system.

Django 1.11+ django.contrib.auth Class Based Views - Part 2 - Password Change and Reset

Video 144 · Length: 8:07

Since we can log in and logout what about managing our password? Learn the power of using the builtin Generic Class Based Views now in django.contrib.auth. They are simple to use once you know about them.

User Creation/Registration and Requiring an Email

Video 145 · Length: 7:54 pro video

We can now login, logout and work with our password be it a reset or a changing it. The biggest hole in all of this is actually having an account in the first place. In this video we want to create a new user, and since we are building in alerts we need an email address to send alerts to. So we are going to require the email address.